Thursday, November 20, 2008

155mm Howitzer, Model of 1917/1918 (Schneider)

155mm Howitzer, Model of 1917 (Schneider): The 155mm Howitzer, Model of 1917 (Schneider) was produced by the French Schneider Company and used by the US Army in WWI and, after conversion to pneumatic tires, in WWII. The lower half of the shield is rounded on the French model.

The tube in these images is retracted into the traveling position, or “out of battery” to balance the load. When the weapon was to be emplaced, a catch was tripped and the recoil system returned the tube to the “in-battery” position. The large square block on top of the breech is a counterbalance weight. The limber is in the motorized configuration. The short tongue and lunette were exchanged for a long tongue when horse traction was used.

155mm Howitzer, Model of 1918 (Schneider): The 155mm Howitzer, Model of 1918 (Schneider) was the American manufactured version of the French piece. Its shield is straight in profile and mounted at a slant.

155mm Howitzer Caisson, Model of 1918: The 155mm Howitzer Caisson, Model of 1918 carried 14 projectiles and 16 propellant charges for the 155mm Howitzer, M1916 or 1917 (Schneider). For horse traction one caisson had attached a long tongue to hitch the horses, or for mechanical traction two short-tongued caissons were hitched together. Note in the upper right background of the lower photograph the limbers used to pull the 155mm Howitzer, M1917 (French) or 1918(American made) (Schneider).

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